Intelligence added to the cameras

TBK devices with integrated video analysis provide the best video surveillance solution allowing the improvement of security systems and the risks reduction.
The system is able to give added value to a CCTV installation easily and with very low costs, making possible to have an advanced video analysis only on the cameras which require it in the installation.


It has a tracking engine of high quality.
Quick and easy to use by a simple 3D graphical interface.
The introduction of parameters on the analysis algorithm is not necessary.
Cost reduction.

The 3D calibration system provides a very easy way to make the initial adjustments.
For a video analysis system to work correctly the camera needs to identify the situation of the objects in the plane, as it is not the same an object located 2 meters away from the camera than an object located at 20 meters distance.

All cameras will make their own video analysis without any centralized hardware. This has some advantages over other systems, where the analysis hardware is common to all the channels.


• Object Counting
• Protection stores
• Monitoring stocks
• Unauthorized access or walking in the wrong direction
• Detection of falling merchandise
• Detection of blocked emergency exit


• Traffic Flow Analysis
• Counting vehicles
• Vehicle stopped at an unauthorized location
• Vehicle circulating in opposite direction
• Speed limit warning


The object tracking engine is the base of the system, offering a wide variety of intuitive and smart features.

Scan packages are available:
• Monitoring up to 100 simultaneous objects.
• Up to 40 detection zones between areas and lines, defined by the user.
• Monitoring objects that stop or move very slowly
• Tracking objects that intersect uninterrupted path.
• Capable of keeping track of objects that are temporarily partially or completely darkened.
• Automatically adjusts to weather conditions caused by fog or rain, or even dirty conditions of the lens and illumination of the sun.
• Discriminate the movement of the leaves of trees and shrubs as well as clouds and water ripple.
• Object Tracking in 100% of the area of the screen (except the areas defined by the user).


· Detection of Input/output
An alarm “input detection” occurs when an object crosses from outside to a detection zone. By contrast, an alarm “output detection” is generated when an object comes from inside toward the outside of the zone.

· Detection of stopped object
Objects stopped in an area during a time interval defined by the user generate an alarm.

· Loitering detection
The objects located inside a zone for longer than the user defined time will result in an alarm.

· Detection of direction
The objects in movement in the indicated direction will be able to generate an alarm while crossing the region in that direction.

· Detection of multiple access
It can detect when two objects intersect a line in a predefined time frame generating alarm if this time is lower. For example: when a barrier at the entry of a vehicle is opened and two vehicle access simultaneously. Or for access control where people must enter one by one and two people enter with the same card.

· Object classification
Once calibrated, camera can perform the classification of objects based on size and speed. So that makes it possible to differentiate people, vehicles or trucks.

· Object counter
Up to 40 display counters associated with different predefined detecting rules.