TBK Vision products provide specific solutions for retail, from small shops to large malls, providing monitoring and supervision of the shops, and complementing the security features with counters, which can be used for management and marketing applications.


We provide a solution for the protection of industrial and critical infrastructure facilities, allowing a quick response to the occurrence of events, and complementing the CCTV with a powerful system of video analysis for perimeter protection.


We provide the products needed for urban surveillance applications, for the protection of roads, and for public infrastructures security. Along with a wide range of video surveillance solutions, TBK solutions include traffic analysis, as well as video analysis to protect government facilities.


We provide the security and flexibility required in banking, from the monitoring of small remote offices, to the protection of large buildings and data centers. To do this, we combine technological solutions such as HD-TVI, which allows the renovation of CCTV installations in the branch offices using the existing wiring, with the latest technologies in IP, for the protection of large installations.

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Retail, Business, Hospitals, Institutions, Universities, Stadiums, Museums, Airports, Service Stations, Police Stations, Barracks, Ports, Hotels, Residential ... Our products are adapted to any type of solution needed for each project. From a small business to a large installation in banking or government.