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TBK Vision, as an international brand clearly focused on video-surveillance advanced solutions, provides thoughtful solutions.
Since its creation in 1996, TBK Vision is distinguished by its excellent relation between quality and price, offering products fitted to the market needs, at competitive prices. To do so, the brand has specialized factories, which provide the products from the different technologies which make up the product range, in constant evolution. The product range includes, this way, products fitted to the needs of each installation, covering analog and HD(TVI) technology, IP, video analytics, and a variety of accessories.
TBK Vision brand has been deployed by setting up strategic alliances with its international distribution network, which makes possible to bring feedback to the product design in order to meet the specific needs of each market. This way, the product characteristics are conveniently adapted through an important re-engineering work with the participation of the sales representatives of TBK Vision in each country, because for a brand to be a leader, besides being international, it must be able to adapt to the needs of each region.